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 Hunterslea  Koolies

Below is a photo collection of the past and present three generations of
 Hunterslea breeding stock. These dogs are a result of a lifetime of breeding and selective outcrossing to improve my lines. It's essential they have excellent conformation, good heads, strength, stamina and absolutely no health issues all the relevant  tests have been done since 2013, and are available for clients to view  All tests  returned 100% clear of any issues

 Also DNA Purity tested, hip and elbow score has been done on the breeders..
High on my list of breeding qualifications are temperament, natural instincts and aptitude to work, be it sheep, cattle, and or dog sports and obedience.

                     PHONE 0265775516... AH..ENID CLARK
             alternatively email as I have limited internet access
Sire ...H/Gundy 2016..Now eight years of age and after six very outstanding litters, some now making their mark overseas, Meg has been retired to enjoy life as the Matriach
Sire;;; H/Gundy.. except for being a bit taller, his conformation, character, quiet nature, he a chip off the old block. Old Gundy always passed on his good looks to his offspring, none more than Eddie though. .the resemblance is uncanny...
Joker  ..Sire..Darcy
Joker ..Sire..Darcy
Gem   ..Jan 2014 Due to have a litter in this photo
Gem ..Jan 2014 Due to have a litter in this photo
H/Gundy Granddaughter Sire :Wickhams Gundy Dam Hunterslea Meg
H/Gundy Granddaughter. Sire Frank Dam Hunterslea Zoe
Flo @ 5 months in nov 2015
Flo @ 5 months in nov 2015
July 2016 After spending six months on King Island (to prove herself as a worker ) training on sheep and cattle with Beau Mullen, with excellent reports back...Flo along with Flax will return home to be part of my breeding establishment when she is old enough..
Flax @ 6 MONTHS in .nov   2015
Flax @ 6 MONTHS in .nov 2015
July 2016.. After spending six months on King Island (to prove herself as a worker ) training on sheep and cattle with Beau Mullen, with excellent reports back...Flax along with Flo will return home to be part of my breeding establishment when she is old enough..
W Gundy...Retired
W Gundy...Retired
Son of H/Gundy, As a young dog he got a dislocated hip in an accident while working cattle. As this has come against him now, he has come home to Hunterslea to live
retired due to age
Lib  H Gundy x Nell
Lib H Gundy x Nell
Zoe....H Gundy x Sparky
Zoe....H Gundy x Sparky
She was a fun girl with very strong work instincts and ethics.Sparky has passed away, but she will live on in her progeny, who are doing brilliantly in many fields..
retired due to age.. taken Aug 2013..retired taken Aug 2013..retired
Passed away at the grand old age of 16years, a more hard working and loyal friend would be hard to find. Leaving behind an invaluable legacy of the true koolie breed in his offspring.
Retired due to age..

A word of caution to buyers of Koolie dogs claiming to have
Hunterslea bloodlines that are  being sold by persons
other  than myself it would be to your benefit to contact me
PRIOR TO PURCHASE, to confirm the breeding
                 of these pups/dogs.. Phone 0265775516

                         Three Hunterslea Girls
Meg -Gem-Jazz
Over the past decade, people wishing to buy a koolie pup have to enter a virtual mine field of ads, it seems now anyone can buy two pups, cross them, and call themselves a breeder, as well as be an authoritarian on all things koolie.
The Hunterslea Koolies have a well known history of documented and proven working lines. Over the last 45 years there have been a few koolies bought by Enid and her late husband Ken, to cross into their already established lines. Not to do this would be irresponsible as a breeder.
These outcross dogs were not bred from until they had proven their working ability, and had shown true koolie temperament. Any dog not showing these qualities, were either rehomed as pets or sold on as work dogs to people not looking for breeding stock. Enid still continues on today with these same breeding practices and ethics they established so long ago
Keeping in pace with todays requirements, results of DNA tests have been made available on this website. Also all breeding stock have been tested for the 30 genetic diseases or health issues for dogs and all have passed 100%
Believing in quality rather than quantity, Enid breeds two or three litters a year. Each female will have no more than one litter a year, and then only if there are three or four orders for her pups.

So if you want a genuine Hunterslea, phone Enid on 0265775516, and place an order, enquiries always welcome
.Hunterslea  koolies have strong working instincts, which means they also have brains and athletic ability, they can and do excel as competition dogs. Having such a beautiful and obedient temperament, they also make great pets and companion dogs, bearing in mind, they still need to have enough mental stimulation to keep them out of mischief .
Saskia Weise flew to Australia from Germany, to purchase a Meg x Wickham's Gundy pup, this was June. Now we are waiting for the arrival of June's puppies by Saskia's other Australian koolie Bex, to be born in Germany, seems we have gone the full circle..
Xmas 2013, a litter brother and sister from the second mating of Meg and W/Gundy , were flown over to Canada for Susan McDonald of Canadian Cobar Coolies.
And more recently, a litter brother and sister from H/ Gem x H/ Darcy was purchased by Ida Parmer of Nizhoni/Coolies in Texas USA.
Congratulations to these ladies on selecting Hunterslea pups, and wishing you all the very best in your future breeding programmes
Louise Harding ( Hunterslea Dash and Blue )
 Susan Mcdonald Canada Hunterslea Boomer and Adelaide)
Ida Parmer, Texas   ( Hunterslea S Hana and Callen )

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