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Meg. Daughter of Hunterslea Gundy x Gypsy....This  beautiful Hunterslea matriach was born in 2008. Retired after producing 6 outstanding litters, making their mark in Australia and inter​nationally.

Daughter of Hunterslea Meg X  Valley View Joker

Photo of Flax at 6 months of age...Then spending the next 6 months on King Island training with Beau Mullen working sheep and cattle with excellent results, Flax returned home to continue on my breeding programme when she reached the age of two... 

Gem...Daughter of Hunterslea Meg x Gundy 2

Gundy 2, son of Hunterslea  Gundy . An awesome work dog who had an unfortunate accident while mustering cattle resulting in a dislocated hip. He was returned home to Hunterslea for stud duties,

Omar Sparky...She was a fun girl with very strong work instincts and ethics. ..Sparky will live on in her progeny who are doing brilliantly in many fields.

Eddie ..Sire Hunterslea Gundy x Omah Sparky. Except for being a bit taller, with his conformation, character, quiet nature, hes a chip off the old block. Old Gundy always passed on his good looks to his offspring, none more so than Eddie.

ZOE....Sire Hunterslea Gundy x Omar Sparky

Jazz...Sire Bremery Frank x Hunterslea Zoe

Valley View Joker ..Sire Hunterslea Darcy 

Hunterslea Darcy....Sire Greenfields Darcy x Hunterslea Cookie

Morrison's at 12 months of age. After spending 6 months on King Island {with great reports ) from Beau Mullen working sheep and cattle, Flo returned home to be part of my breeding establishment at when she turns age 2. 

Morrison's Floss..mother of FLO...and Wizard

Hunterslea Wizard

Wizard ..Sire Hunterslea Eddie x Morrison's Floss

LIB..Sire Hunterslea Gundy x Hunterslea Nell..

Hunterslea RIP

Bremery Frank

Millie..dam of Hunterslea Riva

Hunterslea Koolies have been performance tested in the rough hill country of the Mirannie Valley where my husband, Ken and I ​used them daily in our work as contract musterers.

Over the years our breeding has included our own lines crossed with outstanding dogs from other working Koolie breeders. Above are photos of the past and present generations of my working/breeding Koolies and also the outside stud dogs.

Hunterslea Koolies have been exported to the USA, Canada and countries in Europe including Finland and Germany, the birthplace of the Koolie breed.

Puppies are litter tested for health/ temperament and ability before placement into the most suitable home eg: stock work and or dog sports..Hunterslea pups are registered only with the "WKAA "Working Koolie Association of Australia. 

Anyone requiring additional information please phone( 0265775516 )

Or email lynthomsen@

Meg -Gem-Jazz


Hunterslea    Riva

Burrendah   Jake

All the koolies on this page are from direct lines of Hunterslea breeding, or are introduced lines from breeders of genuine working koolies .Pups from these lines can only be bought directly from the breeder, and are NEVER sold through social media, trading post, gumtree or similar ads.


  Looking down over the Hunterslea horses and homestead .

He passed away at the grand old age of 16 years..A more hard working and loyal friend would be hard to find...Leaving behind an invaluable legacy of the true working koolie breed in his offspring..

Hunterslea Eddie x Flo 2018

Rosslyn Bart

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