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Following in my father's footsteps,1944 was the beginning of my passion for and lifetime commitment to the Australian Working Koolie. Many years have passed and many different conformations and colours of koolie have evolved. Retaining the work instinct in these dogs is now even more important to me than it ever was if the original koolie is to survive the present day breeding rituals of so many people. Having the health tests and H&E scores done on my dogs as well allows me to breed exceptional all round koolies ..

Shep was bred by Ken and Enid from their good bitch Penny in the late 1960's. Hunterslea Meg is the 11th generation on both sides of her pedigree back to Shep.

These were the lines of dogs bred over the years to be used by Ken and Enid to earn their living contract mustering in what was often the very rough and inaccessible terrain of the Hunter Valley.Only the best of these dogs were used to breed on from...

As with all working dogs some pups are born with a greater keenness and ability to work than others, and some are provided with better opportunities to bring out their natural instincts.

Nothing breeds quality like consistency.

The following images are of mine and Ken’s original Koolies who are the predecessors to my present day lines of Hunterslea’s, all of whose bloodlines can be traced back to the early 1970’s Gypsy and Spec....These dogs all carried the most important qualities to breed from, health, work instinct ,intelligence and stamina. It has been my endeavor to retain all of these qualities, and to keep their working drive a point of paramount significance..     Enid.

     Anyone can breed a koolie, but if you want one backed by over 50 years of successful breeding and over thirteen generations of good working dogs with obedience brains and loyalty backing their pedigrees,then the only one to buy is a Hunterslea

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