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I would like to acknowledge and say thanks to everyone who has written to me, and who continue to keep me informed on the progress of their Hunterslea puppies. Below are a few of the testimonials from these wonderful owners.

Kind Regards Enid.




Dear Enid

Hello I am the trainer that Bronwyn brings Turbo to for herding And I would like to congratulate you on breeding such a nice Koolie I have been training dogs for over 40 years and Turbo would be one of the most talented pups I have worked within a long time I could only but recommend your dogs to anyone wanting a top type of working dog who knows I could even be tempted to own a Koolie myself after working with Turbo hope this finds you well and keep up the top breeding


Shaundar Herding

60 - 70 cheviot st GreenbankQLD4124

shaundarkennels @ bigpond .com

07 32975117 mbl 0428 885515



Dear Enid,

Having competed in obedience competitions for many years we have now been lucky enough to obtain one of your Hunterslea Koolies. He is intelligent, energetic, soft natured, loyal and has a great willingness to work. All the care and effort you have put into your breeding programme has paid off for us, as we now have such a truly lovely young dog which is both mentally and physically sound and we can't wait to compete with him.

Kind regards

Wendy Joyner and Dianne Daff

Maitland Obedience Club




I have known Enid for a number of years and during that time have spent many hours with her and her dogs.

Enid’s vast knowledge of the breed and breeding practices is reflected in the consistent quality of dogs she produces. Whether you require a dog for your working rural lifestyle, competition or just as a companion Enid has the ability to breed and provide the right dog for the job.

As a dog and animal trainer I have been fortunate to be able to spend some time “hands-on” working with Enid’s dogs on projects. I also own a Hunterslea Koolie "Dash",who has been one of the most enjoyable dogs I’ve owned and trained. If a true koolie is your breed of choice then I would recommend you contact

Enid at Hunterslea.

Louise Harding

Dog/Animal Trainer

Animal Talent


Ken Cowley

High Country Cattle

Paterson River Road

Via Gresford, NSW

I have known Enid Clark for more than 25 years. In the early days I spend many hours with both Enid and Ken mustering tough wild cattle in some of the roughest country with the help of many of the best dogs you would ever find.

I have seen Enid’s original dogs at work and without doubt they provided Enid and Ken with a very strong gene pool to produce top working dogs.

I have had many Hunterslea Koolies over the years and have found them to be very trainable, loyal and reliable workers. I currently run a beef breeding herd of 70 cows & calves with 40 replacement heifers and 30 steers to 18 months old. All our cattle work is done with dogs and horses often in steep country.

Our dogs are a very important part of our herd management. We aim to produce quite, educated cattle which helps with their saleability and often leads to a premium price. We wean and train all our cattle to stop and work for dogs. We could not achieve this without good reliable working dogs.

Thank you Enid for all you have done for me over the years and for investing so much of yourself into maintaining such a high standard of working dog. I can highly recommend Enid’s Hunterslea Koolies to anyone wanting a dog for working cattle.


Ken Cowley


Lily with Lass and Ellie

Ewan, Elmo, and a lovely young friend

I have known Enid for over 20 years and have owned the Hunterslea breed for just as long.

I have always found Enid’s koolies to be loyal, family orientated and just fun to have around.

These dogs always greet you with a smile and are happy to sit on the lounge for the day or run around playing with the kids in the backyard.

My dogs have been dressed up in costumes, taken to pet expo’s and to my children’s schools on pet days, they get on well with my chickens, rabbit

Horses, goats and sheep. They are easily trained and just love being with you.

I will always own a Hunterslea Koolie and believe they make great family pets.

Tracy Sands

Safety Plus Training




Hunterslea Spook

Agility and Obedience are his Passion

Enid, I thought you might like to see one of Meg’s pups “Spook”, who is making the headlines. He has also been on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (on Election Day, no less! Got more coverage than the election, but so should every Koolie).

He is also featured in a gallery on the Manly Daily site

These are on the on-line photo gallery of the Manly Daily. He was such a little pro, and only turned one year old last week.

Lorna Miller

Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club INC

Obedience Qualifier


9th September 2011.

I am a very proud Mum, as my baby who is 21 months old got her first pass in the Obedience ring in CCD score 88. Hunterslea Calypso is a very loving girl. Calypso is a tri red merle, sometimes I think I could have called her "Foxy Lady". In CCD the score is out of 100. As you go through the exercises you lose points, so the score at the end had to be 85 or over to get a pass. I did three trials and Calypso got 80 each time, so close but not a pass.

Calypso did it all in her stride. Calypso just loves people and any dog, always get on very well in the ring with other dogs, just like Koolies do all the time.

So from the time Enid asked me if I would like to take Calypso, I have had nothing but great love from Calypso she wants to work for me. We also do sheep work. Calypso loves to do this work also. I just have to slow her down from time to time.

I have had rescues, and worked with them. I just love the love you get back from a Koolie, they always want to please you.

So I give Enid a very big THANK YOU, your puppies are always so well looked after and they just want to work and please you, it is a pleasure to train one. So look out Obedience here comes Calypso.

Trudy Dive a very proud mum.

Congratulations Trudy and Calypso on your wonderful effort, I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of Calypso in the obedience classes in the near future.

All the best, Enid.

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