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Just a few videos of Hunterslea dogs will be going on here mainly to show their performance standard



Take note, just seven months old, and after only three weeks training with Beau, who Fred had never met before


Hunterslea Dash

Dash sorting the washing

Dash --Skateboarding

Dash doing her RSPCA commercial

If you'd like to teach your dog some tricks - contact us at

Hunterslea Jazz

Hunterslea Jazz at 14 months old, after spending a week with a trainer ( who she didn't know ) on goats. Until a week previous she had only been away a couple of times from the property where she was born, to be shown a few sheep. You may observe how she is being distracted occasionally. Her owner (Enid )has arrived to see how she is going, but her working desires soon overcome the need to go over to her master. Her trainer ( Cec) was extremely impressed with her working ability and potential.

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